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ICE CONNECTER brings the best ideas and solutions to our investors and we also simplify the process of getting access to these ideas.

View incredible ideas by entrepreneurs and bring them to life.

Invest in businesses you have faith in and share in their success.

ICE CONNECTER is a professional networking service that provides businesses in need of funding, the opportunity to network with potential investors. Investors on ICE CONNECTER have been vetted properly to ensure genuineness of intention.

The entrepreneurs on ICE CONNECTER are individuals/people with ideas, start-ups and established businesses, who are in need of funding in order to take their business(es) to the next level. ICE CONNECTER does not allow monetary transactions between investors and entrepreneurs on the website, rather only discussions related to proposed business plans.

Once a business plan is approved, investors can then invite the entrepreneurs for dialogues, in order to further chart a course forward with the entrepreneur in relation to the proposed business plan