About Us

ICE CONNECTER is a professional networking service that provides businesses in need of funding, the opportunity to network with potential investors.

Investors on ICE CONNECTER have been vetted properly to ensure genuineness of intention.

The entrepreneurs on ICE CONNECTER are individuals/people with ideas, start-ups and established businesses, who are in need of funding in order to take their business(es) to the next level.

ICE CONNECTER does not allow monetary transactions between investors and entrepreneurs on the website, rather only discussions related to proposed business plans.

Once a business plan is approved, investors can then invite the entrepreneurs for dialogues, in order to further chart a course forward with the entrepreneur in relation to the proposed business plan

Management Team

Obasa Damilola (Head of Growth and Development)

Obasa Damilola is a graduate of Babcock University who is the recipient of the 2016 New Horizons Solutions Limited Award for Students with Understanding of International e-commerce and other Technological Fields.

He is the organization's product manager and networking expert.

He is committed to making the potential of Africa's youth known, by removing one of the most limiting constraints of entrepreneurship in the continent.


Atte Tonbara (Head of Technology)

Atte tonbara is a first class graduate of Babcock university who is the recipient of the the Most Improved Student Award in Babcock University 2016.

She is the organization's Head Programmer, with strong skills in PHP JavaScript and Ajax.

She is committed to making sure that women empowerment through entrepreneurship is achieved.


Olopade Oluwadurotimi (Head of Business and Finance)

Olopade Oluwadurotimi is a graduate of Covenant University, and was a student leader in Covenant University.

He has an ardor for business development, and his economic expertise is what makes him the organizations finance and business director.

He created his first start-up- a business development and strategic & managerial consultancy firm while still at the age of 18, with accompanying success.

He is committed to the building and development of a better Nigeria.


Ajibola Tosin (Head of Strategy and Planning)

AJIBOLA Oluwatosin, a Computer Scientist, and graduate of Babcock University, Ilishan Remo. Ogun State.

Serving as pioneer head of strategy and planning and playing a significant role in driving ICE CONNECTER to the leadership of the online funding community in Nigeria and beyond, with a focus on the broader view of providing funding through technology to empower people with unlimited access to financial services.

He belongs to the Computer Professionals of Nigeria and Project Management Institute. He is committed to the growth and development of the Nigerian youths and with his vast and fast rising skillset in Project Management, IT Management and Strategy management, he aims to breakthrough the milestones and constraints of entrepreneurship in Nigeria and beyond.

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