ICE CONNECTER is a professional networking service that provides businesses in need of funding, the opportunity to network with potential investors. The website enables entrepreneurs to create accounts/profiles, and document & send proposals of their business ideas to investors who are registered on the website.

How does ICE CONNECTER work?

The site provides a two-way account/profile system for entrepreneurs and investors. This implies that individuals can either sign up to be "entrepreneurs" or to be "investors". Once signing up is completed, entrepreneurs are then free to document their business models and then send proposals of them to any number of investors who are registered on ICE CONNECTER. Sending proposals attracts a price of ₦300 per investor.

How sure am I that my business model won't get stolen?

Theft of ideas is a major source of restraint by entrepreneurs, but, it is interesting to note that theft of ideas & business models is not as common as lichen as people think.
But, to alay the fears of entrepreneurs, ICE CONNECTER provides the option of attaching a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to any proposal an entrepreneur wishes to send. It is important to note that the attachment of a non-disclosure agreement would attract a premium charge.
In addition, ICE CONNECTER provides entrepreneurs with the option of access to quality lawyers who entrepreneurs could engage to represent their interests during the entire process of seeking an investor.

Can I get featured on ICE CONNECTER News?

ICE CONNECTER wishes to support entrepreneurs in every legal way possible. Thus, ICE CONNECTER would periodically publicise entrepreneurs & businesses who are registered on the website.
In addition, entrepreneurs who are registered on ICE CONNECTER can make requests to the ICE CONNECTER team so as to be featured in our news segment.

Can I write or publish article(s) on ICE CONNECTER?

If you wish to publish an article on the ICE CONNECTER News segment, you will be required to make a formal request in this regard via email, to be sent to info@iceconnecter.com. Subsequently, your proposed article will be screened and vetted. If the article is accepted, the author will be notified prior to its publication, and will be fully acknowledged.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

You can do a reset by clicking the Forgot Password link on the Login page.

Can I still use ICE CONNECTER if my product/service is not a software?

Yes, ICE CONNECTER seeks to provide its services to entrepreneurs from all sectors and markets, and not limited only to the technology sector.

What if I don't reside in or close to Lagos, what happens then?

Location does not have to be a hindrance! ICE CONNECTER can be accessed and utilised from anywhere in the world. The website allows for communication between entrepreneurs and investors after successful transactions, this will enable both parties work out modalities for further communication and meetings.